Isaac: The Meaning, Popularity, and Originality

Do you think Isaac is a good name for your baby? What the meaning of Isaac? Where this name came from? How many people in the world adopted this name? Keep in this page, you will get all the answers.

Name Isaac
Meaning He will laugh in Hebrew. In the Bible, Isaac is the son of Abraham and Sarah, nearly sacrificed by Abraham as commanded by God. Isaac marries Rebecca and has two sons, Esau and Jacob. Well-known Isaacs: scientists Isaac Newton and Isaac Asimov.
Origin Hebrew
Gender Boy
Themes Biblical,Inventors,Popular baby names from around the world,Saints,Wild West
Related Names Noah, Elijah, Isaiah, Ethan, Liam, Lucas, Caleb, Jacob, Eli, Aiden, Gabriel, Levi
Brothers Elijah, Jacob, Noah, Caleb, Ethan, Isaiah, Joshua, Samuel, Benjamin, Luke, Aaron, Gabriel
Sisters Hannah, Abigail, Grace, Olivia, Emma, Isabella, Elizabeth, Anna, Sarah, Chloe, Emily, Lydia
Popularity #45 in 2018, -4 from 2017

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